If you feel you are not reaching your full potential there is something you can do

"Coaching to empower you"


I have been working in the corporate sector, I have worked for the government and also as an entrepreneur. All through my career I have felt the need of tools that really empower me to give the best I can. I have found myself stuck quite a few times and it is not always easy to find your way out on your own.

This brought me to coaching and I became a coach myself.

This blog dedicated to those who are willing to coach themselves into regaining their own power.

I cannot promise a quick solution, but I can promise that you will find some very good tools to empower yourself and design your own career.

If you suscribe to my newsletter you will get a mail every 2 weeks. I know that most bloggers publish at least once a week. But I rarely coach my clients once a week, and this blog is a self coaching blog, so I will give you 2 weeks to choose a tool from the post, experiment with it and decide weather or not it helps you be more focused and in control.

If you are ready to work on yourself and keep learning, Welcome!


Coaching to Empower You

One skill to increase your leadership

All of us who somehow have to use some leadership skills at work or directly lead a team of people, are willing to increase our leadership skills. Many people, when asked about what is the most important thing that attracts them in a leader say it is their PRESENCE. I...

A simple trick to keep excess weight off

Have you ever dreamt of eating whatever you fancy and get thinner instead of heavier? This is a big dream for most people living in the so-called first world where there is a massive offer of flavors and textures to the reach of our taste buds. Maybe this is the...

Want to succeed? Not without this.

We all want to succeed in something, or if possible in everything. Success is almost mandatory in our society, especially in our profession. But sometimes, in our pursue of success, we walk around like a headless chicken. Success is an art so we will always have to...

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