If you feel you are not reaching your full potential there is something you can do

"Coaching to empower you"

Coaching to Empower You

I always want to make the best of my potential, and you?

If you are looking to make the most of your life, I am most happy to meet you.

 So please to meet you. my name is Ainhoa.

I am an ICF & Newfield trained Life and Business Coach I can help you:

cropped-MindYourTalent_sol_solo.jpg Determine your goals and settle a path to reach them

cropped-MindYourTalent_sol_solo.jpg Regain your personal power. Be clear with who you are and what you want

cropped-MindYourTalent_sol_solo.jpg Develop the leader in you

cropped-MindYourTalent_sol_solo.jpg Live life at its fullest potential

This is my story

I have worked in very different environments, small businesses, international companies, government offices, with my own local business and as an entrepreneur on the internet.

All through my career I had to find out ways to face the problems that arose. I was missing some structure that could help me get the best of myself. So I looked around. Learnt, experimented, tested, failed, succeeded …. found out that the situation had changed again, relearnt …

All this allows me to understand many different situations and coach people from diverse working environments.

– I studied Business and economy at university (some time ago) and then moved to France to study first a degree in International Trade and then a Masters in Hotel and Restaurant Mangemente.

– Back to Spain I worked first for a small company that managed several restaurants and then for a big multinational firm which made me move to Austria for a while.

– After some years and I decided to open a café, which was a long held dream.

– As my family was growing and I wanted to be more present with them I sold my shares to my business partner and I started to work for the Government.

 – At this point I became interested in Coaching and psychology so I got a certification at the Newfield Network School and my Certification with ICF.  I also went back to university  and graduated in clinical psychology.


– I get up early in the morning, it is the only way to be alone in a house full of kids (and husband).

– I meditate everyday from Monday to Friday for 20/30 minutes. I then go jogging or get on my elliptical bike

– Weekends and evenings are for my family and the rest of the time I work

– My passion is to work with my clients  to reach their peak potential in business and in life. I believe we all have enormous potential to make us the best version of ourselves. This is what keeps me learning and experimenting with new possibilities.

-I am also very proud to be part of a group of coaches that work for non-profit and social organizations, The Kairos Project. You can check our work here


Coaching is a very effective way to regain pour personal power. If you have never tried it I encourage you to give it a go

I believe in:

  • Each person has the potential to live life in his/her “personal way” and feel proud of it
  • We all have the ability to re-learn and do things in a different and more efficient manner
  • We are all born with many talents and we can make the most of them. It depends on us
  • Perseverance is key to obtain results, over-night successes happen rarely … if ever

I do not believe in:

  • Being a professional complainer and doing nothing to change situations
  • Sentences like “this is all you can get”, make me shiver
  • Feeling guilty. Who feels guilty, feels he deserves a punishment, and I do not like being punished, I rather take responsibility for my life.
  • Magic formulas that promise that you can change your life in 15 days.